Stewart L. Hardy

F.R.A.C.S. Orthopaedic Surgeon. Hamilton, NZ. See me for hip and knee replacement (arthroplasty) and REVISION hip and knee arthroplasty surgery.

Please see your GP for a referral.


I have a particular interest and decades of experience in total hip and knee joint replacements; as well as revision hip and knee arthroplasty (for worn out total hip and knee replacements).

I manage some sports injuries of the hip and knee and also am heavily involved with pelvic trauma and musculoskeletal tumours and Waikato Hospital..

A team approach is the only option for successful healthcare. Miriam, my office administrator, provides most of the back-room support and organisation required to keep things running smoothly.

In the operating theatre I work with a dedicated group of experienced and highly trained medical professionals; each with their own role in ensuring you have an exemplary standard of care and safety.


Total Knee Joint Replacement. A surgical procedure to replace damaged cartilage and bone in the knee joint. Usually, this procedure is performed when pain and other symptopms become severe and significantly interfere with everyday life. Most commonly, the underlying condition is osteoarthritis; which may be influenced by an earlier injury to the knee. More.

Knee Arthroscopy. Day surgical procedure to treat various soft tissue problems inside the knee joint. More.

Carpal Tunnel Release. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain and other symptoms in the hand. It is caused by pressure on a nerve going to the hand. Treatment is usually effective and may require surgery. More.

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